To 10 Best 5 Star Hotels In Chandigarh

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best 5 star hotel Chandigarh review
To 10 Best 5 Star Hotels In Chandigarh
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Are you willing to newly visit the city of Chandigarh? Situated in the state of Haryana, the city of Chandigarh has impressive views of nature and the lifestyle of a busy and lovely city. The delicate North Indian Food available in the city of Chandigarh will get you attracted. Here are the Top 10 Best 5 Star Hotels in Chandigarh.

List of 10 Best 5 Star Hotels In Chandigarh

So, here is the list of top 5 star hotels which can make your next trip to Chandigarh very luxurious. If you are travelling with your family, then you can make sure their best comfort and take care of their health and small needs. These hotels are very popular among tourists and listed here based on various user reviews provided online. Make sure you have visited their websites for more information before booking any room.

1. Holiday Inn Chandigarh

  • Amenities: Featuring a delicate Swimming Pool and also Gymnasium along with many more facilities, Room is a place to lea a luxury life.
  • Room Tariff: The Average Room Tariff here starts from 2300 INR.
  • Contact Details: 05426666100

2. JW Marriott Chandigarh

  • Amenities: The JW Marriott Chandigarh offers free internet over Wi-Fi connections along with a swimming Pool with a delicate cuisine. It has a separate bar along with Airport shuttle facilities for the tourists to enjoy.
  • Room Tariff: The average room tariff for one night is 11100 INR.
  • Contact Details: 0172 395 5555

3. Hyatt Regency Chandigarh

  • Amenities: The Hyatt Regency Chandigarh offers you a luxury residence in the city of Chandigarh with some unique features of Ayurveda Centre along with Swimming pool. Availability of Bar along with Gymnasium is also here at Hyatt Regency Chandigarh!
  • Room Tariff: The average room tariff is 8900 INR.
  • Contact Details: 0172 440 1234

4. Taj Chandigarh

  • Amenities: Situated at a prime location, Taj Chandigarh offers with outdoor pool along with free Wi-Fi over the premises. It is also equipped with banquet facilities and Ayurveda centre to give a mesmerizing touch!
  • Room Tariff: The Room Tariff starts from 8100 INR.
  • Contact Details: 0172 661 3000

5. The Lalit Chandigarh

  • Amenities: The The Lalit Chandigarh has a stunning atmosphere with the Outdoor Pool along with a bar to the amenities. It has a separate spa along with a business centre to conduct the conferences. The The Lalit Chandigarh has a separate laundry service!
  • Room Tariff: The room Tariff starts with 10000 INR.
  • Contact Details: 0172 444 7777

6. James Hotel

  • Amenities: The James Hotel has some of the most stunning facilities that you can get with Swimming pool along with a Bar and also a board room to get your needs fulfilled. It also has a ball room along with Airport shuttle service.
  • Room Tariff: The Room Tariff Starts with 5700 INR.
  • Contact Details: 0542 250 1011

7. Park Plaza Zirakpur

  • Amenities: Park Plaza Zirakpur offers you a stay with free internet connectivity along with a swimming pool and also conference facilities. You can also get the best with a restaurant and spa to get yourself relaxed.
  • Room Tariff: The Room Tariff Starts with 2900 INR.
  • Contact Details: 01762 665 666

8. Regenta Almeida Zirakpur

  • Amenities: Featuring some of the most exceptional amenities with free internet connection as well as bar it would be a great stay at Regenta Almeida Zirakpur. You can also get wonderful delicacies with shuttle service and board room.
  • Room Tariff: The Room Tariff Starts with 4700 INR.
  • Contact Details: 080540 21111

9. Hotel Mountview

  • Amenities: The Hotel Mountview presents out some of the most stunning features with a separate cafe as well as Yoga Center. It also has a rooftop terrace with restaurant and many more places to stay at. There is a library with front desk for every suite.
  • Room Tariff: The Room Tariff Starts with 6500 INR.
  • Contact Details: 0172 467 1111

10. The Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort and Spa

  • Amenities: The The Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort and Spa brings out free wifi connectivity along with restaurant and many more features for you to go for. The room service facility along with laundry and many more services will definitely get you in need of something.
  • Room Tariff: The Room Tariff Starts with 25000 INR.
  • Contact Details: 1602720000

Disclaimer: This data is collected from online sources and we are not taking responsibility of the accuracy of the data. Because the data like amenities, price & tariff details and contact information may change as per hotel’s terms & conditions. So please refer to the official website of every hotel for accurate data. Our intention is to share useful information as per popularity only. In case of any issue or content updation related query please contact us first.